Personally, I am not a fan of patterns or floral designs, neither do I appreciate Boho style. But 1 style can definitely pull me to take a second look; Minimalist Fashion. I used to quote, “Simplicity is the best.” Not exactly some great and noble quote but very often, it has essence of truth in it.


This is probably how the closet of a minimalist would look like.

My personal friends would have noticed that I hardly wear prints, in general. I am more often than not deck in simple and basic get ups like monochrome, black, grey, black again, stripes, stripes again, etc. Actually, one of my New Year resolution is to wear more colors, literally. And truth be told is that I did make efforts to opt for other colors such as pink, floral designs, red, green, etc, but…. my eyes naturally fell back on black, white, grey, stripes. And if I have to choose a design with prints, my max is probably stripes. I love stripes too much. Ha. The following is a selection of simple outfits that I personally like. Not anything fanciful, just simple. Hope you’ll like it…

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Mostly black, nothing much. But just by looking at them, I feel so soothing. Lol..

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Stripes is the max I can go. Infact I do feel cluttered even at wearing stripes at times. Oh well.



Love her layering. 🙂

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As you can tell, someone who prefers simple outfits pretty much go for the 3 boring basic colors; black (oh my favourite color!), white & grey. They would often pair it with something denim to give a casual chic look. I love it.

Once again, thanks for reading. Appreciate every reader who appreciate my type of fashion sense / taste. Hope you did enjoy this post… & til the next one we meet again!



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