Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.

Halo there again! Its been almost 18 months since I last blogged! And I noticed that even during my absence, there were still movements in this blog from time to time. People commented on various posts, to which some i replied, while some, i missed out, unfortunately. My apologies…

But today I am back again, doing what interest me a lot since young. Not blogging of course, but talking and sharing with all of you one of my loves, ie fashion. So this comeback post has to be on my favorite color, Black! Okay, before you start thinking at the back of your mind, “oh, how boring can she get?”, I need to say that purple can one day be the IN color, but not next year. Emerald green can one day be the IN color but not next month. So is pastel pink, sky blue, orange, etc. But only black, withstands the test of time. So, here i go…



(Above) When i first saw this, i was like, wow, gorgeous!! Its apparent that floral embroidery designs are super IN right now, but to put it together with black see throughs? Genuis! This gives a tinge of sexiness which is well contained because of the floral designs.


(Above) This is another similar one. If you aren’t those type where you can just wear a bralet under some translucent top and walk out into the streets like these ladies, fret not. You can always opt for the safer route, ie: spag top. It will still work the same. I’m sure.


(Above) Just like this! You can also opt to throw in a choker or some other accessories to make it more stylish.

(Below) But, of course, if you have what it takes to flaunt it, then just flaunt it! Like her!



The one thing i enjoy about fashion is the limitless imagination one can have on the apparels we wear. Who says a top has to stay as a top, while a dress remained as one.

(Below) This long see through black lace dress is a good example of one’s creativity. You can wear it as a dress (with a long inner), which is so typical. Or, you can wear it like a tunic / overall outer coat. Love how she styles this. For me, i might change the bottom to a pair of shorts, with black booties and, voila!



Let’s look at a few more:


(Above) Or try pairing it with jeans, it works too.


(Above) Now, i absolutely love this top! She opted for a more conservative spag top as inner, instead of a bralet (like the first few we saw), but that doesn’t kill her style. With the cute half-bun hairdo, dark red lips and a sling bag (what a gorgeous bag!), she definitely pulled it off!


(Above) Still not too sure about these see throughs? Then go for something you are comfy enough to put on, just like this one. The thing about see throughs, besides that sexiness, its also the lady-ness it can bring out on the wearer.

So, thats pretty much about black see throughs i have here. “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” (DVF)



(Chiara Ferragni)

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