I don’t think I have covered Jumpsuits in this blog before. Typically, people joke about the ones who choose one-piece over 2 – 3 pieces, as lazy. Personally, I don’t think so. While Jumpsuits can bring forth much convenience, it is also not that convenient afterall. Think about those washroom woes, and you’ll know what I mean. Nonetheless, I will bring to you why we should include them as part of our wardrobe. Also, is it worth investing in one, at least?



So, why should we make Jumpsuit as part of our wardrobe?

  1.  Convenience

The truth is, it does make the styling work a lot easier. When you are in a rush, or that you just cant decide what to wear, one piece such as this immediately becomes your choice. Just throw in the usual matching accessories, bag and shoes and voila!





  1.   Never out of style

Even though jumpsuits are not really the most IN style for now, if you have observed, it also hasn’t been out of style. In fact, I would categorize this under basic staple. Why? Because they give a simple, yet classic look on any wearer, thus I would say this is a timeless staple.




  1.    You look taller

Why so? A typical jumpsuit has a waist bend /belt that are usually designed to be high-waist. And we all know that anything high waist can make the wearer’s legs look longer, slimmer, and therefore taller. For ladies who are not as tall (like myself), this is definitely good news.





  1.    You look slimmer

So because you look taller, it does create the impression that you are slimmer. Enough said.




  1.     Versatility

You can wear jumpsuit during weekends, hangouts with friends, outdoor picnics, etc. But you can also wear it to a more formal function /event. I would wear a classy jumpsuit to an important and formal date dinner.






So if you do not own a jumpsuit yet, why not consider investing in one because i am sure it’ll be a good basic staple to your wardrobe. Lastly, if there is anything, fashion related, that you would like it to be covered in this blog, let me know! Finally, a few more beautiful jumpsuits before I go…






Pictures credit : Pinterest


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