Gucci Sylvie

So some of you would know that i had recently added to my bags collection a new purchase that i heart alot and its the Gucci Sylvie Mini. In April, i had the priviledge of being able to attend a series of events held in Ion Singapore, which was also a collaboration with Elle. Usually, in order to get to the event venue, i would have to pass by Gucci boutique and each time i do that, my eyes would automatically look into the boutique, quickly scanning through one of their latest designs on the display rack. They are all Gucci Sylvies. 

And so i decided to get one for myself (with the help of a friend who was travelling to London). I am very glad that i didnt regret. I still remember the day i ‘unbox’ this bag (there was no box like Hermes but only a dustbag so what i meant is that i first took it out from the bag), and when i saw the real thing, i was immediately in love with it! Being someone who rarely give praise, even Mister commented that its ‘gorgeous’. Indeed it is. So i am going to dedicate this post to Gucci Sylvies. Enjoy! 

These are the ones in basic colors, which is already classy enough! 😍 

And these are the floral designs. So spring!

I hope you enjoy this post as much as i do. If there is anything that you would like me to talk about in this blog, comment below! 

Lastly before i go, my own Sylvie Mini: 

All picture credits (except the last one) : Pinterest

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