5 Types of Swim Wear for this Summer

Just when we were all complaining about the rainy weather in late Feb – Apr period, which lasted longer than it normally was, the next we feel is the annoying heat that doesn’t seem to go away regardless of what we try to do. But i suppose one of those things we love to do (to cool off a little bit of that heat) is to go for a swim, or a dip in the pool. With a rising trend and demand for people to go for a staycay or hide in some luxurious looking villa (best is with private pool right), or even do a beach resort chillax, i am sure one of those things that we are consistently thinking of, is the right type of swim wear for the right occasion.

So here’s 5 Types of Swim Wear for this Summer that i would like to recommend:

  1. Go green

If you have been observing, the ‘go-green-leafy-floral’ trend is among those that has           been in trend for the past 1 year infact. It is most often found in the off-shoulders               top / dress and it has also moved to be part of the swimwear designs. I always                     believe that designs like this helps to move the attention away from the area(s) that           we least want people to see (ie: flabby tummy, etc).





2) The cover-ups

This can cater to those who are more on the conservative side and is looking to hide          that flabby tummy from public eye, and this is the one piece suit. In fact, i am pretty          sure the history of swim wear originated from such a design, before we had bikinis. 🙂



(Top: Design such as this takes the attention away from flabby tummy. But if you have what it takes, flaunt it!)



(Left in black : Swimwear with ‘gathers’ as design on it, will help those with flabby tummy since it hides more than it shows.)


3) A tinge of sexiness

Its apparent that off shoulders are very in trend these days (for as long as i could remember!), even in swim wear! Bring out that sexiness in you ladies!





4) The serious swimmers

So, not everyone is there to do a nice tan, get sun kissed or flaunt any figures, but rather, for a serious swim. And if you are a less ‘adventurous’ person when it comes to designs and patterns, opt for something like this. I love the cute little skirt edge because it can definitely hide my big thighs!



(Top: And if you have what it takes, flaunt yours, like this one above!)


5) Want the fun but not the burnt?

Then opt for swim wear like this. Honestly, the sun rays these era are a lot more ‘toxic’ than in the past. You can slap a thick layer of sunscreen yet you turned almost a tone tanner just after a short 20 mins! #cantbelieveit

So such swimwear can help, as more areas are covered and that’s where you save more on sunscreen since the area of exposure is now halved! 🙂



So, I certainly hope that with the above 5 types of swimwears to recommend, you will be able to find something suitable during this summer! Come out, head off to the beach, some resort/villa or even the pool for a splashing good time ladies!


(Top : Wow, gorgeous bikini!)


All photo credits : Pinterest

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