4 Stylish Ways for this Summer

It is already towards the end of June but the weather doesn’t quite seem to be cooling down. With Singapore being a tropical island, where there seem to be only one season (ie; Summer) and with its constant high level of humidity, its no wonder Singaporeans are mostly don in T-shirts, shorts and slippers. We cant blame ourselves for wanting to beat the heat by feeling as comfy as possible.  But i am sure there are more to just T-shirts, short and slippers.


5 Stylish Ways for this Summer:

  1. T-Shirts





Of course i have to mentioned T-Shirts. Its the most comfy, most thought about, easy to match and maintain type of clothing ever. But besides just pairing them with short, you can pair them with a casual drawstring track pants (see above) as well as an A-line denim skirt. And speaking of which, there are many types of A-Line skirts these days with many colors to choose from!

2) Dungarees




Denim dungarees such as these above shown are not only easy to maintain (for any denim materials, you literally don’t even have to wash them much! In case you didn’t know, denims are designed this way!), they make you look young! Doesn’t we all want to look young (forever)? I personally like the shorts version as its definitely easy for me to move around.

3) Summer Chic




If you are not open to wearing something that is too ‘youthy’ , consider going for something chic (see above). These give the wearer a classy and chic look. Materials such as these above aren’t the thick kind, which can allow skin to breath freely in the midst of the unforgiving heat.

4) Off Shoulders




One of the most ‘IN” fashion apparel now, this definitely work well for summer countries like ours. Not only does it gives a tinge of sexiness, it looks dressy too. Pair them with almost anything and you are good to go!

Another small tip to up your game on apparels like this; wear a choker. There are many types of chokers these days to choose from. If you are more minimalist, a velvet black choker should do the trick. If you want something more outstanding, try the lace ones, love them!

So ladies, once again, take time to love yourself, dress well, feel good and look great this summer! Til our next post!


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