All things Rose Gold

My favorite color hasn’t been pink all these while, even though I must admit that I do get attracted to pink from time to time, but will never wear / carry things that’s purely pink. But if we push this color tone off a little, there’s one color mix that I’d absolutely love and it happens to be along the shades of pink, ie: Rose Gold. I would normally walk into a boutique and the first color that catches my eye is usually black or grey (dont ask me why but yes, I am that boring, at times :)), however I noticed that I am recently drawn to rose gold too. Looking at this color makes my heart goes ‘aww’… So in this post, let me share with you a few items that I personally feel they look especially nice in this color tone.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to wear a full rose gold 2 piece apparel. It will likely overkill that effect. Choose either a top or bottom to be another color so that rose gold stands out more. (Well, unless you are a model)


Wear a full white attire and pair with this, you will look outstanding!


Cat Eye shades somehow are the IN thing these days. I guess having them in rose gold makes it better. 🙂


Processed with VSCO
Watches in rose gold? Not a bad idea eh? It can give a softer yet classy look. 



O.M.G… what a great match!


For those who love rose gold yet prefer a subtle look, opt for this instead. It’s decently sweet. 🙂


Havent really seen this around in pools but would love to get one! 
I have a couple of earrings in rose gold and i must say that they do give the wearer an elegant look. Try it. 🙂
This is more to a pink-ish tone rather than rose gold per se, still it looks good! Velvet material gives a 3D feel too. 


There are a couple of things in rose gold that i have such as earrings, earpiece, phone casing, cups, etc. But i guess nothing beats this dress if you are a pure rose gold fan!

Sweater dress, slip & heels from @hotmiamistyles

Would you wear it out?

I wouldn’t but she looks fabulous in it, won’t you agree?


Til my next post!

All photo credits : Pinterest and respective owners











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